We’re a small team with a big vision

The Office of Civic Innovation was created in January 2012 to empower our City government to become more collaborative, inventive, and responsive for San Franciscans. 

Since its creation, the Office of Civic Innovation has worked on several impactful initiatives including helping to launch the City's Affordable Housing Portal (DAHLIA), creating a Digital Services strategy, making San Francisco's rental laws easier to navigate, and creating the Startup in Residence program. 

Currently, the office leads the Civic Bridge program, which recruits private sector professionals to volunteer their time to work alongside government employees on critical City issues. Since the program’s launch in 2015, the office has partnered with 30 City Departments and 27 private-sector partners to work on more than 65 projects worth over $6.5 million dollars in pro bono volunteer hours. These cross-sectoral collaborations drive impact on some of San Francisco’s biggest civic challenges like affordable housing and improving access to city services.

Explore some of our past projects:

To see a complete list of our past Civic Bridge Partnerships, please click here





Mathew Larson

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Mathew directs the Office of Civic Innovation's public-private partnership programs. Before joining OCI, Mathew worked for five years with the nonprofit organization Coro Northern California. He has also interned for the ACLU of California’s Center for Advocacy & Policy, and U.S. Congresswoman Anna Eshoo in her Washington, D.C. office. Mathew earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of California, Davis.

Office of Civic Innovation Alumni

Innovation is all about people. We are lucky to have had an incredible roster of team members over the years who have brought their innovative skills and passions to public service. We are immensely grateful to Mayor Lee who had the vision to create one of the first innovation offices in city government, Jay Nath whose leadership and persistence charted our course for six years, and Krista Canellakis who led and advanced our office according its values of collaboration and creativity. Our alumni include:
Livesey Pack (2019-2020), Natalie Meyers (2018-2020), Krista Canellakis (2013-2019), Melissa Gordon (2019), Daniel Quon (2018-2019), Ximena Sarango (2017-2018), Daniel Palmer (2017-2018), Conor Kennedy (2016-2018), Jay Nath (2012-2018), Julieta Collart (2016-2017), Mariel Reed (2016-2017),  Jeremy Goldberg (2015-2017), Denise Cheng (2014- 2016), Rayna Gordon-Hellman (2014- 2016), Madeline Hinkamp (2016), Henry Tsai (2016), Ashley Meyers (2015), Rebecca Center Foster (2013-2014), Jake Levitas (2013-2014), Jason Lally (2013-2014), Shannon Spanhake (2011-2014), John Bohman (2014), Hunter Franks (2012-2013), Alex Gudich (2012-2013), Rodrigo Davies (2013), Emily Hong (2013), Monique Woodard (2013), Michal Habdank-Kolaczkowski (2013)