Creating a Digitally Inclusive and Connected City

The FiberforSF project intends to install a fiber-to-the-premises network to connect every home and business in the City. The impact of a citywide upgrade to dramatically improve internet access across San Francisco is first and foremost an effort to close the digital divide for an entire generation of the City’s residents. Harvard Law School Professor Susan Crawford lauded the project as a long-term investment in the necessary infrastructure to enable “advanced healthcare, the emergence of new forms of industries, a chance for every child to get an education, [and] managed use of energy.”


Late last year, MOCI supported the development of a business case report authored by CTC Technology & Energy and hosted an industry day in City Hall. This January, MOCI helped to develop a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to assess project partners issued by the City’s Department of Technology (DT).  The RFQ outlines a first-of-its-kind project scope for a public-private partnership and has influenced the development of other cities’ RFQs.


The project was recently featured at the Smart Cities Conference in Kansas City and has garnered attention from telecommunications industry outlets like Pots and Pans by CCG and non-profit advocacy shops, including the ACLU.  


MOCI is proud to be working on this project in collaboration with the Mayor's Office, the Mayor’s Budget Office (MBO), the City Attorney’s Office, the City Administrator, the Department of Technology, and the Board of Supervisors.