Past Projects


We support Mayoral priorities by introducing new approaches, resources, and technologies to City departments.


Currently, our team is focused on supporting the Mayor’s Safe and Clean Neighborhoods Promise to enhance Quality of Life for San Franciscans; expanding the City’s capacity through partnerships, and creating a more digitally inclusive and connected City


In the past, our office has worked on initiatives including building an Affordable Housing Portal, creating a Digital Services Strategy, and making San Francisco's laws easier to navigate. 

Explore some of our past projects:


The Living Innovation Zones (LIZ) project aimed to enhance the public realm with innovation, simplify the permitting process for projects in public space, and support innovators by providing real-world demonstration opportunities.


LIZ are temporary installations on Market Street, the City’s cultural, civic and economic spine. The program is structured to seed cross-disciplinary collaborations that result in place-based experiences. LIZs can serve as opportunities for testing new ideas, projects, and technologies. They are intended as enhancements to the public realm, encouraging people to connect with each other and their city. For more information, visit the Living Innovation Zones website.


MOCI partners in this project include: Planning Department, Department of Public Works, San Francisco Arts Commission, Exploratorium, Yerba Buena Community Benefit District, and Gehl Architects.

In 2015, the Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, and SFMade engaged in a one-year public-private partnership to define the advanced manufacturing ecosystem in the city and to develop strategies to support it. Advanced manufacturing is manufacturing that uses automation, sensing, and other digital technologies to increase efficiency and precision. 


A 24-person task force—the Advanced Manufacturing Action Team—made up of industry leaders and experts from the public sector, guided the project. Released on Manufacturing Day, October 7th 2016, Strengthening the Advanced Manufacturing Sector in San Francisco represents the culmination of this project. The report presents a set of concrete strategies and tools to expand and support the Strengthening the Advanced Manufacturing Sector in San FranciscoA 24-person task force, the Advanced Manufacturing Action Team, made up of industry leaders and experts from the public sector, guided the project. Released on Manufacturing Day, October 7th, 2016, local advanced manufacturing ecosystem and cultivate a new workforce opportunity in this sector. 

Open Law makes the City’s laws easier to navigate, understand, and build applications from. Following on our landmark Open Data Policy, the laws of San Francisco are released in technologist-friendly formats that can power new applications that enhance understanding, improve access and lead to new insights about the law. Open Law is the first, necessary step to making these kinds of applications. We hope you join us and use the resources curated here to engage in the growing Open Law community.


MOCI partners in this initiative Office of the City Attorney, Board of Supervisors, OpenGov Foundation, American Legal Publishing Corporation, and GitHub.include: 

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